Litigator Amanda Hemley Paulino Named Special Counsel

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Gravel & Shea recently promoted Litigation Associate Amanda Hemley Paulino to Special Counsel. Amanda joined the firm in December 2012.

“The past five years with Gravel & Shea has been a wonderful experience,” said Amanda. “I have enjoyed becoming part of the Burlington legal community and working on behalf of many great clients. I’m looking forward to continuing that service as Special Counsel for Gravel & Shea.”

Amanda practices in all areas of litigation, with a specialty in family law and criminal defense. Prior to joining Gravel & Shea, Amanda was a prosecutor in the Florida State Attorney’s office in Miami. She represented the State of Florida in over fifty trials, working closely with crime victims.

“When Amanda joined the firm 5 years ago, she was already a skilled trial attorney. She brought a depth of courtroom experience that most young lawyers simply don’t have. Amanda is highly perceptive and skilled at relationship building, which makes her an excellent advocate for her clients,” said Gravel & Shea Shareholder Robert O’Neill.

“Within weeks of stepping foot in the courthouse here in Burlington, there wasn’t a person she didn’t know and have a good relationship with. Since then, she’s honed her skills and become an even greater asset to Gravel & Shea.”