Farm-to-Barn-to-Bottle Vermont Craft Vodka is Honored with a Medal at the 2020 Good Food Awards

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Vermont food and drink makers continue to sparkle in the most prestigious food and beverage competitions across the U.S. The Good Food Awards, for which judges blind-taste and evaluate nearly 2,000 entries per year, is among the top of those competitions. Only three food or beverage crafters from each of five regions are chosen for each of the 17 categories. For Vermonters, that means they are in competition with the top crafters in Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Delaware and other producers in Vermont for only three places in their category.

Twelve Vermont producers made the Finalists cut – some with more than one product – and nearly all the Vermont finalists made it to the winners’ circle. This is exceptional, considering that only about half of the finalists ultimately receive medals.

Allow me to introduce you to one of Vermont’s Good Food Award medal winners: SILO Distillery, which had not one, but three of their products make the finalist round. In their own words:

The Good Food Foundation has awarded SILO’s flagship vodka with a 2020 Good Food Award medal for spirits, recognizing their exceptional beverage craftsmanship. “Made in Vermont” doesn’t end with hometown pride for the team at SILO Distillery. That badge of honor extends to quality ingredients, discerning palates, and innovation. Led by head distiller Erin Bell, this female production team has lovingly crafted a vodka with such distinct Vermont “terroir” that their plucky little spirit refused to be ignored. With their annual Good Food Awards, the Good Food Foundation honors American food and beverage crafters who top the charts in a blind tasting as well as meet the environmental and social responsibility standards set in place by said foundation.

SILO’s vodka isn’t your typical neutral spirit; it pleases the palate with a complex flavor profile. Incredibly delicious in a wide range of cocktails, SILO’s flagship spirit can also be billed as a sipping vodka. “With notes of sweet corn, honey, white pepper and light citrus, our vodka is worthy of enjoying all on its own,” says Bell. Located in Windsor, known to locals as “the birth-place of Vermont,” SILO has been crafting spirits start to finish in their distillery since 2013. “We are extremely passionate about Vermont’s bounty,” says co-owner Anne Marie-Delaney. “That’s where the spark for SILO started and we are truly grateful to have such beautiful source material at our fingertips!” All of their grain is sourced from within a 50 mile radius and then delivered directly to SILO’s barn distillery where it is milled, mashed, distilled and bottled on premises.   

SILO’s unique line of infused vodkas, gin, whiskeys, hard cider and ready-to-drink cocktails have a strong poetic through line. Their offerings tell the story of Vermont; with her rolling farms, sprawling forests, local pride, and hard working, down to earth people who understand the value of this land and her plentiful, quality resources. 

About SILO
SILO was founded in 2013 by business partners and Barnard, VT residents Peter Jillson and Anne Marie Delaney. The distillery is housed in a barn facility that includes the production space as well as a tasting room. The barn is open to the public and they offer free tastings as well as a rotating seasonal cocktail list. The team at SILO is committed to sourcing locally, sustainable practices, and producing high quality product above quantity. Current offerings include: flagship award winning vodka, infused vodkas, gin, bourbon whiskey, maple whiskey, ready-to-drink cocktails, and a semi-dry hard cider with new and small batch products being added to that rotation on a regular basis. SILO: Farm, to Barn, to Bottle. 3 Artisans Way, Windsor VT.  

Congratulations to SILO Distillery!

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