Gravel & Shea has successfully handled major antitrust litigation and is regarded as one of the best-equipped Vermont law firms to handle antitrust cases, along with other complex commercial litigation. Bob Hemley and Matt Byrne recently represented one of four gasoline distributors who in a conspiracy to fix gasoline prices in Vermont. The plaintiffs were represented by a national law firm which was touted as a premier plaintiffs’ antitrust firm. After several years of discovery, no evidence was developed to support the claim, which the defendants believed was politically motivated. A settlement was reached for a small fraction of the anticipated ongoing defense costs.

Services & Capabilities

  • Antitrust and complex commercial litigation for plaintiffs and defendants
  • Litigating monopolization claims, exclusive dealership and price maintenance claims and discriminatory favoritism claims
  • Guidance and counseling about antitrust law, avoidance of litigation and compliance with regulation