Gravel & Shea’s Emerging Technologies group specializes in advising clients at the cutting edge of business creativity and innovation. We combine expertise in issues of structuring, contracting and finance common in early-stage business with an understanding of the legal issues specific to the technologies themselves, such as issues related to blockchain, artificial intelligence, privacy, technology-based consumer products and services, and technology-based financial products.

We help entrepreneurs match innovative activities with the requirements and possibilities of the existing legal system’s regulatory, transactional and governance rules. We also advise on the application of technology in a wide range of activities, including real estate, finance, insurance, regulatory processes, and government generally, and we support collaboration opportunities with government and industry leaders at both the state and local levels.

Services & Capabilities

  • Business planning, formation and finance
  • Technology-based governance, including decentralized autonomous organizations (“DAOs”) and blockchain-based limited liability companies (“BBLLCs”)
  • Design for innovative institutions and mechanisms that bridge the needs of new technological solutions and the legal structures that can give them shape and recognition
  • Regulatory compliance and approval for emerging technologies
  • Intellectual property strategies

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