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Gravel & Shea offers a depth and breadth of legal experience unparalleled in the region. As experts in our respective fields, we are committed to providing real value to our clients with advice informed by skill, intelligence, and good judgment. Relationships matter. We pride ourselves on being unusually responsive and accessible and prepared with creative and timely solutions.

Our collaborative team provides clients with legal services in a wide variety of disciplines, including commercial transactions, civil litigation, real estate, intellectual property, energy, land use and environmental regulation, estate planning, mergers and acquisitions, business formation, food and beverage law, personal injury litigation, employment law, and family law. Looking for specific expertise? Please scroll down and use the filter tool to identify an attorney with the skills and experience you need.

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Headshot of Linda B. Barron

Linda B. Barron

Legal Assistant to Matthew B. Byrne, Zachary M. Dayno, Robert B. Hemley, Brooks G. McArthur and David J. Williams

Headshot of Renee R. Crow

Renee R. Crow

Legal Assistant to Heather R. Hammond (Employment Litigation) Celeste E. Laramie and Jerome F. O’Neill

Headshot of Katy A. Daly

Katy A. Daly

Legal Assistant to Zachary R. Berger, Heather Rider Hammond, Annie N. Harb and William A. Mason, IV

headshot of Susan M. Hine

Susan M. Hine

Legal Assistant to Catherine A. Burke, Petra v.Z. Davenport, Peter S. Erly and Cassandra LaRae- Perez