McArthur, Williams and Parah Join Gravel & Shea PC

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Gravel & Shea is pleased to welcome Brooks McArthur, David J. Williams and Cassie Parah to its litigation department. They will begin working with the firm in January of 2023.

Brooks will join Gravel & Shea as a litigation partner.  Brooks is one of Vermont’s most experienced litigators and is often sought out as counsel in federal and state criminal matters and complex civil matters.  Brooks has successfully been lead counsel on many of the cases he has worked on, including several of the most high profile criminal and civil cases in recent Vermont history.  Brooks practices in the areas of federal and state criminal defense, complex civil matters, plaintiff’s personal injury, medical malpractice, wrongful death, traumatic brain injury, family law and appellate litigation. 

David will serve as a special counsel for the firm. Representing hundreds of clients in federal and state criminal defense and civil litigation cases, and before appellate courts, David has extensive experience handling complex civil litigation, personal injury, and wrongful death cases.

Cassie will join the firm as a paralegal. Cassie has been a paralegal for over 18 years, and has wide-ranging and diverse experience assisting and prepping for federal and state cases, including in the areas of criminal defense, personal injury, civil litigation and family law.  

Prior to joining Gravel & Shea, Brooks, David and Cassie were a part of Jarvis McArthur & Williams, a leading Vermont litigation firm.

“David, Cassie, and I look forward to continuing our practices with Gravel & Shea,” Brooks says. “We’ve always had great respect for the firm and think this will be a great fit for everyone.”

“We are excited to have Brooks, David and Cassie come on board,” says Gravel & Shea shareholder Michelle Farkas. “They will bring yet another dimension to our growing litigation practice.”

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