Vermont Cannabis Control Board to Begin Enforcement of Energy Efficiency Regulations

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Energy efficiency is more than just a cost-saving measure for the holders of indoor and mixed cannabis cultivation licenses in Vermont — it’s the law. The Vermont Cannabis Control Board (the “CCB”) Rules establish certain energy efficiency standards on indoor and mixed cultivation licensees, including: (a) building standards (Rule 2.5.3); (b) lighting standards (Rule 2.5.4); and (c) dehumidification standards (Rule 2.5.5). 

The CCB Rules also require cannabis businesses to submit annual reports documenting their energy usage reduction efforts (Rule 2.5.6). These energy efficiency related Rules are only applicable to the holders of indoor and mixed cultivation licenses. 

Licensees have one year from licensure to come into compliance with the lighting and dehumidification standards. The initial licensees — the first of which was issued in May 2022 — will need to come into compliance and submit their first annual energy usage reports to the CCB beginning in May 2023.  

The lighting and dehumidification standards are technical, and licensees will need to pay close attention to the specifications on the equipment they are using (or plan to purchase). However, assistance is available. The CCB has begun hosting peer networking sessions to inform and connect licensees on a variety of regulatory topics, including energy efficiency.

The CCB regularly updates its calendar with peer networking sessions, and posts the recordings to its YouTube page. The first energy efficiency peer networking session was held on January 19, 2022. 

Efficiency Vermont can also audit indoor and mixed cultivation licensees’ energy usage and identify equipment that complies with the CCB standards, and is also offering rebates and other financial incentives on various energy efficient HVAC and cultivation equipment.

Even if recently licensed, indoor and mixed cultivators should take note of the energy efficiency standards, reporting requirements, and take steps to ensure compliance.

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