Antitrust Litigation

Gravel & Shea has successfully handled major antitrust litigation and is regarded as one of the best equipped Vermont firms to handle antitrust cases along with other complex commercial litigation. Mr. Hemley and Mr. Williams formed the team which represented Kelco Disposal, Inc., a local trash hauler, in a predatory pricing case against Browning-Ferris Industries, a national company listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Kelco successfully proved that Browning-Ferris Industries had illegally reduced its prices in an effort to monopolize a portion of the Vermont trash hauling market. A Vermont jury returned a verdict of $6 million in Kelco’s favor which withstood a challenge to the United States Supreme Court. The verdict is one of the highest ever awarded in Vermont, and received national coverage.

Gravel & Shea’s antitrust litigators have also defended monopolization claims, tying claims, exclusive dealership and price maintenance claims, and have successfully represented Plaintiffs in claims of discriminatory favoritism by suppliers. Its members make presentations to the Vermont Bar Association as well as provide regular counseling to Gravel & Shea’s clientele about antitrust law in general, avoidance of litigation and compliance with regulation.