Employment Litigation

Despite an employer’s best efforts to act in a proactive manner, litigation may be unavoidable at times.

When litigation occurs, a client’s first step should be to have an early, accurate and objective assessment of the risks posed by the suit and possible liability. An objective assessment can help plan not only a strategy for dealing with the lawsuit itself, but also with current employees, existing managers and public relations issues. An early assessment will also help preserve critical witnesses and make possible an early resolution, if such is the best business resolution of the matter. Gravel & Shea attorneys have experience in not only accurately assessing liability in employment cases, but also in understanding the business practicalities surrounding any litigation.

If an early resolution is not practical or feasible, our attorneys have extensive experience in trying employment cases in state and federal courts, before state and federal administrative agencies and in jury and non-jury settings. As part of our litigation approach, we engage in a sophisticated motions practice, attempting to avoid needless discovery disputes by filing dispositive motions as early as practical.

Gravel & Shea attorneys are proud of their successes in all types of employment litigation, including the defense of wrongful discharge, sexual harassment and discrimination claims. Continuing education in this ever-expanding area of the law enables our attorneys to provide the best defense possible.