Gravel & Shea Announces New Innovative Financial Technology/Blockchain Practice Group

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Gravel & Shea is pleased to announce the formation of a new legal group specializing in analysis and resolution of legal issues related to blockchain technology headed by David Thelander. The practice group expects to afford special focus on legal issues related to financial/technology and real estate applications of blockchain technology.

In that regard, Gravel & Shea is proud to disclose that it has been retained by Propy, which uses blockchain technology to enable the purchase of real estate on line.   Gravel & Shea has also been retained by BlockNotary, which is engaged in the provision of blockchain enabled remote identity verification, blockchain enabled notarization and other related blockchain technology enabled products.

As part of its practice, Gravel & Shea is dedicated to assisting with the development and implementation of legislative and other legal solutions for blockchain related industries in the State of Vermont. Gravel & Shea’s work in this area was recently highlighted: