Gravel & Shea Attorney Zach Dayno Raises Awareness About Federal Violence Against Women Act

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NBC5’s In Depth with Stewart Ledbetter recently featured Zach Dayno, an associate in Gravel & Shea’s litigation practice, in a segment called, NBC5 In Depth: What is Revenge Porn?. The segment gave Attorney Dayno the opportunity to raise awareness about a new federal law designed to protect and empower individuals who are victims of the nonconsensual distribution of their intimate photos/videos. Under the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act of 2022, Attorney Dayno explains that these victims of “revenge porn” can now sue the perpetrator for a set amount of damages. The newly implemented federal law allows a survivor to seek $150,000 or more in damages and to obtain an order to enjoin the perpetrator from further disclosing the images/videos. The law also awards attorneys’ fees and costs to the survivor.

Attorney Dayno goes on to recommend that victims surround themselves with a trusted support system. When it comes to seeking relief in the court system, he suggests identifying trauma-informed attorneys to provide guidance about pursuing their potential claims.

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